Frequently Asked Questions

When will you install my post?

Your post will be installed within two days of your request. In many cases we will install within a day and sometimes within hours.

What would cause an installation to take more than two days?

This would be very unusual. Some things that could cause a delay include incorrect information provided to us or inclement weather.

I need to cancel the request. Can I do this?

There is no problem with this at all as long as you can reach us before the installation. Please call 623-693-6178 as soon as you can. If your post has not been installed, there is no charge.

The homeowner has particular desires such as specific date or time of installation or wants us to call before the installation. Can this be arranged?

Our goal is to provide you as our customer with the best possible service. Installation at a particular date/time may be possible. It will depend on our schedule and other factors.

Secondly, while not a firm policy, we do wish that any conversations from the homeowner go to the agent.

I need the post to be placed in a particular location due to flower beds or underground utilities, invisible dog fence, sprinkler system, etc. How do I arrange this?

For properties WITH special circumstances or hazards: If the post is to be installed on a property that has underground hazards such as an invisible dog fence, sprinkler system, etc., we require you to place a marker where you want the post installed. If there is no marker when we arrive, we will not install the post and there will be a service charge. Additionally, if you fail to tell us that the property has hazards such as these, we will not be responsible for any damage.

For properties WITHOUT special circumstances and hazards: If we are told to look for a marker and find none, we will use our best judgment in placement to avoid delay and the cost to you of a service call. If you do not like the location we have selected, there will be a service charge to move the sign.

We recommend that the marker used be very evident, such as a stake with ribbon or uniquely colored flag.

What about my individual Riders also company sign that I like to hang from my sign?

Installation: We will gladly hang your personal riders & company sign on your post. Just let us know what you want done in your request. Also, let us know where we can find it when we do the installation.

Removal: Company Signs will be stored with CREWP for furture Installations. We will take any personal signs with us when we remove your post. It is best if you remove it yourself prior to requesting the post removal, but If you can't do that, we will remove your signs and place it with your company sign.

The post is not looking good and I want it reinstalled.

We guarantee our work for 90 days. If something is not right during that period, let us know and we will fix it for you free of charge. Changes after the 90-day period involve a service charge.

My post was hit by a car, vandalized or otherwise damaged.

There is a service charge to take care of posts damage of this nature. Please call 623-693-6178 as soon as you can.

What are the ways that I can use to order my post installation?

There is two ways to request your post to be installed or removed. **Internet Web Page or request a installation form.

You must use the forms and fax them to 480-302-5811. These two method ensures accuracy.

Can you put my post on a lot with no physical address, or one that is not yet in Google(TM) mapping?

We will do this if we have clear instructions on the location and an unambiguous marker on the property.

Did you receive my order and did you get my sign installed?

We will send you a confirmation email letting you know we received your request. We will also send you an email when your sign has been installed. The same goes for removal requests and completion of those requests.