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The highly competitive Real Estate market demands differentiation. How can your company easily separate yourself from the competition? CREWP offers this extra edge. The eight foot post with a four foot cross-arm will provide your listings increased visibility and present a professional appearance. As the first exposure your customer has with your listing and firm, the sign is of great importance. A great looking, professional post sign adds to that very important curb appeal and your client will enjoy an advantage in attracting and welcoming that Very Important Buyer.

 65% of all real estate transactions in the United States

were the direct result of a Wood Post sign!


Wood Post signs increase sign leads by 12% over other signs!


Improved Professional Appearance!


Overall Corporate recognition is increased!

CREWP service is committed to making your operation even more successful. Using our service will provide your sales agents more time to concentrate on selling without the time and worry involved in installing and removing the signs on every one of their listings. Our goal is to provide quality residential sign post service on a timely basis for real estate agents & Companies.

Give us a call 623-693-6178; we guarantee you will enjoy our service.

CREWP concentrates solely on the fabrication, installation, removal and storage of Professional Real Estate Post. We currently service the Greater Maricopa area.

Our sign posts are made with solid, treated 4X4 lumber. The vertical post is eight feet long and the cross post is four feet long. They are primed and painted. They have Extra Strength L-Shape brace w/nut and screw for the extra exposure on top of the post. They have Extra Strength eye wood screws & Extra Strength Quick Link hooks for that extreme (wind) weather. See an example bottom of page. When installed and leveled, the height of the sign post is six feet. Following removal, we refill the post hole. We will also store sign posts for you and perform any structural or cosmetic maintenance required on the posts before the next installation.

Please review the How to Use CREWP and forms and get started today.

The first step is to set up an account with us is by filling out an Installation Request Form.

The next step is to purchase or lease the sign post(s). The cost is approximately what it costs us to construct the sign post. We checked the cost of identical sign posts locally and it was not near our Quality. We also researched the cost of the vinyl/Metal sign & post at around $96.00. You may have seen them around and have noticed that they do not stay straight and level due to installation and/or wind forces. Neither do they take paint well when trying to make them look presentable after being hit with sprinklers and birds. We think that our low price for our quality, to gain your trust and business is worth it for you and for us. If an agent has only one listing at a time, there is no need to have more than one sign post.

Next, the Client Faxes the Installation Request Form for sign placement. Crewp will install the post per directions and remove it when the Client fills out the Remove Request Form.

The installation and removal will be done within two days (normally one or less). All orders placed before 5:00 pm should be completed within 2 business days (Monday thru Friday) following the date of order. If ordered after 5:00 pm, then orders should be completed within 3 business days. Severe weather and having utilities marked may affect the order completion time.

Emails are sent to the listing agent or Companies:

 To confirm the installation request

 When the sign has been installed

 To confirm the removal request

 When the sign has been removed

Following removal, we refill the post hole. We will also store your sign posts for you and perform any structural or cosmetic maintenance required on the posts before the next installation.

Custom Real Estate Wood Posts