Custom Real Estate Wood Posts

Professional Real Estate Post Competitive Pricing

The following fees apply for Leasing:

 Sign post Lease: One Time Fee; $20.00 (No Tax)

 Installation: $ Free $

Hang Company Sign: $ Free $

 Extra Strength hooks: $ Free $

Duration of Listing: $ Free $

 Removal: $ Free $

 Service Charge after 90 days: **$20.00 flat fee **

We will also perform any structural or cosmetic maintenance required on the posts

   before the next installation Professional Appearance.

All fees are collected at the time of the installation request.

All Invoices must be paid within 10 days. 

** "90-Day Guarantee" - We guarantee our workmanship for a full 90 days after installation.

If there is any problem, just contact us and we will fix it for free, no questions asked.

Custom Real Estate Wood Posts are great to advertise your business. So whether you are a real estate agent, for sell by owner, or any other business owner this is an inexpensive option to promote your business. Each of our real estate posts are made with solid, treated 4X4 lumber. The vertical post is eight feet long and the cross post is four feet long.

Harold Steffee *

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